Handi-Rifle Revisited

 by AK Church

Postscript to the Handi Rifle project

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Since the original article was written, I've tried a couple of changes to the rifle.

The front Swivel was never secure, even after using semi-permanent adhesive to stick it on.

I converted to one of the "noose" type slings that loop around the barrel. So far, it seems to be working fine.

I've added a set of black synthetic stocks from NEF.

Upside: This looks very nice against the DuraGuard finish.

Downside: Difficulty of installation. The bolt-hole in the buttstock wanted to capture my 9/16" socket. I finally had to squirt WD-40 down the sides of the hole to wriggle the socket out. The forearm screw hole is about 1/8'' too far back, requiring enormous effort to get the retaining screw started. This has placed the forearm and barrel under great tension, exacerbating a tendency the rifle already had to string shots vertically. Although it has a much better shape than the original forearm, it's a disappointment to me.

Once in place, the stocks look & feel great! The interior space is large enough to store beaucoup survival items & even the pistol grip has enough room under it's cap to put a box of boat matches in. Both open up with the same Phillips head screwdriver used to take the rifle apart.

With the new furniture it's too long to allow the disassembled carbine to fit behind my truck seat so, for now, I'm staying with the ugly wood stock. There is supposedly a youth length synthetic stock but, I've never seen it. If the primary use was to be a wall hanger, I'd keep the longer stock on but then, I'd keep the 22" barrel on too. I do like it though. The gun has a less toy like feel & heft. The stock also has enough "give" to reduce the recoil with the 12 gauge tube on, even though the gun actually weighs a little less.

Duren Gunsmithing has since refinished my 12 gauge barrel, right down to the brass bead. Patterning was unaffected & appearance is great with the synthetic stocks. This would be a dynamite arraignment for a subsistence hunting rig - very weather resistant.

I have had pointed out to me an all steel sight package from Ashley Outdoors. The problems with these are that they they are around twice the price of the Williams, and emphasize huge ghost ring apertures. Ghost rings don't work for me. So I'm staying with the Williams.

I hauled the rig out deer hunting this year but, to kill a deer you first have to see a deer.

But that is another story.


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